August 12, 2014

Adapted from article in the New Britain Herald, October, 2013 by Marianne D’Onofrio


CCSU Bests UCONN in The Hartford Technical Case Competition

                                                                                                                    Winning CCSU team holding check

An interdisciplinary team of CCSU students made us proud by besting UConn in the final round of the Hartford Technical Case Competition. The winning team members walked away not only with a feeling of elation and accomplishment but also with a total of $2,000.


Four interdisciplinary CCSU student teams were assembled and given the task of solving a real-world business problem.  Guided by mentors from The Hartford, the four teams had the task of building an insurance claims system that would avoid bottlenecks during catastrophes. To do so, the teams had to analyze the business problem and then create, test, and implement a web-accessible database system.  The teams presented their solutions to a group of judges--senior technical executives at The Hartford on October 11, 2013.


Central’s winning team members--Melissa Mulcahy (Computer Science), Paul Pioselli (Management Information Systems), Andrew Rose (Accounting and Management Information Systems Minor), and Aaron Zamojski (Computer Science)—were awarded $1,000.  The winning team built an elegant web-accessible database system which impressed the judges.


Concurrently, UConn students were tasked with solving the same real-world business problem.  UConn’s winning team was awarded $1,000 and then went on to compete with CCSU’s winning team on October 15, 2013.  And, the rest is history--CCSU’s team emerged the WINNER and was awarded an additional $1,000!


When Central’s winning team members were asked what they learned from the experience, they spoke in unison about what they had learned from each other.  Each team member came to the table with a slightly different knowledge and skill set, which provided the team with the rich resources they needed to get the job done.  It was, indeed, a pleasure to witness the professional presentations by not only the winning team but by all the students who competed in the competition.  Events such as The Hartford Technical Case Competition help our students gain confidence in their abilities and demonstrate to potential employers the value to be gained by employing Central graduates.


CCSU Professors Marianne D’Onofrio (Management Information Systems), Stan Kurkovsky (Computer Science), and Karen Tracey (Computer Electronics & Graphics Technology) were the University coordinators for this event.