James Nicholson, Supervisor within the Connecticut State Police Polygraph Unit

Jim Nicholson has nineteen years of law enforcement experience, serving as a member of the Connecticut State Police working extensively with criminal investigations. He received a B.S. degree in Exercise Science from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. He subsequently earned a M.A. degree in Criminal Justice after attending Anna Maria College in Paxton, Massachusetts. He is a certified forensic law enforcement polygraph examiner and earned a certification in forensic psychophysiology after studying at the Troy University Polygraph Center. He also received a graduate certificate in teaching and learning through Norwich University. He is an active member of the Connecticut Polygraph Association where he serves as the current Secretary and a member of the Executive Board. He is also maintains an active membership in the American Association of Police Polygraphists and the Mid-Atlantic Police Polygraph Cooperative. He has extensive experience in investigative capacities that have resulted in the successful resolution of a wide array of criminal cases, major crime investigations, motor vehicle crash investigations, domestic violence occurrences, and white-collar crimes. Additionally, he has also worked with numerous multi-jurisdictional state and federal task forces in combating drug trafficking, prostitution, and organized gang related activities.