Classical Guitar

  1. Scales: Candidates should be prepared to play all 2-3 octave Diatonic Major and Minor Scales. Suggested fingerings by Segovia, Shearer, or equivalent.

  2. Studies: Candidates are to prepare a single technical study showing their ability to play arpeggios and/or scales. ( Carcassi, Carulli, Sor-Segovia, Giuliani or Brouwer)

  3. Repertoire: Candidates are to prepare two solo pieces in contrasting style. Choose repertoire from two contrasting style periods, for example Bach Bourrée from the first Lute Suite with Villa Lobos prelude or etude. *

  4. Sight Reading: Candidates will be asked to play a short 8-measure slight reading excerpt in 1st position and rhythms limited to divisions of the beat as small as eighth notes.

 * If you  wish to consult someone about your repertoire choice,please email Nick Cutroneo at: