Mallets: Major scales and arpeggios-2 octaves
Snare Drum: Rudiments -roll pp<ff>pp and flams
Timpani: Tuning (4th and 5th) and roll pp<ff>pp

Audition should also include an etude or solo work for snare drum, mallets and timpani, that demonstrates your level of play on each instrument. Repertoire from All State Music Lists is acceptable. The following is an example from a recent Connecticut list.


Demonstrate knowledge of rudiments upon request and perform a closed roll: pp<FF>pp. An etude or solo comparable to Mitchell Peters "Intermediate Snare Drum Studies," Cirone "Portraits in Rhythm," or one required for regional or all-state auditions is acceptable.


Perform an etude or solo from Vic Firth "The Solo Timpanist," Saul Goodman "Modern Method for Timpani," or Peters "Fundamental Solos for Timpani," or similar. Demonstrate tuning of a 4th and 5th and perform a roll pp<FF>pp.


Mallets: Perform major scales upon request, two octaves. Perform any two or four mallet solo from Mcmillan "Masterpieces for Marimba," Mitchel Peters "Fundamental Solos for Mallets," or similar.

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